Immuno-Electron Microscopy (IEM)

Tumor, Disease & Diagnostic Applications




Breast carcinomas

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Glomerular lesions

Nakajima M, Hirota T, Kusumoto K, Taira K, Kamitsuji H.

Immunoelectron microscopic study of glomerular lesions using a postembedding method with a protein A-gold complex.
Nephron. 1987;46(2):182-7.
PMID: 3299124 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]



Gamliel H, Leizerowitz R, Gurfel D, Polliack A.

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Phytoplasma diseases

Musetti R, Loi N, Carraro L, Ermacora P.

Application of immunoelectron microscopy techniques in the diagnosis of phytoplasma diseases.
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Pituitary tumours

Osamura RY, Komatsu N, Nakahashi E, Watanabe K.

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