Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)

Tissue-Cell Specific Applications





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B Cell

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beta Cell of Pancreas

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Dendritic Cell

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Endothelial Cell

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Epithelial Cell

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Fetal Cell

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Germ Cell

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Haemopoietic Cell

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Hepatic progenitor cell

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Hybrid and Transfected Cell

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Islet Cell

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Lymphoblastoid Cell

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Macroglial Cell

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Melanoma Cell

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Neuronal Cell

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Osteoblast-like Cell

Tsuru S, Kitani H, Oguchi M, Mashiko M, Zinnaka Y, Shimomura Y.

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Ovary Cell

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Purkinje Cell

Tomomura M, Rice DS, Morgan JI, Yuzaki M.

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Rabbit Cell

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Stem Cell

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