Transcription Factor OCT-1 Antibody Review






  • a member of the POU domain factors, is involved in the regulation of expression of many tissue-specific and house-keeping genes by recruiting specialized coactivators of transcription. PMID: 14729276, PMID: 11683265, PMID: 11380252

Normal Expression

  • Oct-1Z is another ubiquitously expressed Oct-1 isoform, its transcript being detected in all mouse tissues examined, including the mammary gland, liver, lung, kidney, spleen, small intestine mucosa, uterus, and ovary. PMID: 14729276

  • the POU-domain of Oct-1 has been highly conserved during vertebrate evolution and that Oct-1 mRNA is widely expressed in various organs of adult rat. PMID: 8424955

Abnormal Expression

  • OCT-1 is expressed in chronic gastritis, particularly when it is adjacent to IM and is expressed in 87% of IM foci. Furthermore, 74% of the gastric carcinomas were positive for OCT-1 and a strong association was observed between OCT-1 expression and intestinal-type carcinoma. PMID: 16278805


  • tissue-specific expression of Oct-1L and Oct-1R in lymphocytes and their structural differences from the ubiquitously expressed Oct-1 isoforms may be related to B and T cell differentiation and/or expression of the immunoglobulin genes. PMID: 11683265

  • Oct-1 acts as a transcriptional repressor of promoters of genes expressed in endothelial cells. PMID: 9694713



Gel Shift Assay (Gel)

  • we evaluated OCT-1 binding by electrophoretic mobility shift assay and activation of the CDX2 promoter by co-transfecting a CDX2 promoter/reporter construct with an OCT-1 expression vector in two gastric carcinoma cell lines, GP220 and MKN45. PMID: 16278805

Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

  • OCT-1 protein expression was evaluated by immunohistochemistry in 31 biopsies with chronic gastritis, 15 biopsies with foci of IM and adjacent gastric mucosa and 42 gastric carcinomas. PMID: 16278805

  • By using the tissue microarray technique, we have performed an immunohistochemical study of OCT.1, OCT.2 and BOB.1 in 325 classical Hodgkin's lymphoma cases. PMID: 15257313

  • Immunohistochemical examination of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) synovial tissue revealed simultaneous expression of various transcription factors (NF-kappa B, c-Jun (a component of AP-1), cAMP responsive element binding protein (CREB), and OCT-1). The early passage RA synovial cells were treated with interleukin 1 beta (IL1 beta) and confirmed translocation of transcription factors into the nucleus by western blotting, and their DNA binding activity by gel shift assays. PMID: 9797555

Immunoprecipitation (IP)

  • nucleoprotein extracts showing decreased DNA-binding activity had normal amounts of Oct-1 proteins as determined by immunoprecipitation, implying a functional defect in the Oct-1 protein. PMID: 8814238