TG1/TGase1 (Keratinocyte Transglutaminase) Antibody Review





  • a specific differentiation marker. PMID: 1974551

  • a valuable marker for elucidating the regulation of normal epithelial differentiation and squamous metaplasia. PMID: 2436965

  • involved in cross-linked envelope formation in vivo. PMID: 2578891

Normal Expression

  • protein expression is limited to the upper layers of normal epidermis, the mRNA is generally present throughout the epidermis, suggesting the possibility of post-transcriptional regulation. PMID: 1351505

  • As determined immunohistochemically, the most likely membrane location of the enzyme in cultured cells is the plasma membrane, consistent with keratinocyte transglutaminase function in cross-linked envelope formation. PMID: 2467949

  • considerable immunoreactivity was evident not only at the plasma membrane (the site of cross-linked envelope formation) but also in the cytoplasm of spinous cells, suggesting a cytoplasmic function for this transglutaminase. PMID: 1974551

Expression Alteration

  • Upregulation of TG1 expression followed by the appearance of the envelope proteins and keratin10 in cornified cells indicated that TG1 is involved in the abnormal keratinization of the cornea. PMID: 16146918

  • a 92-kilodalton (kDa) protein expressed in abundance in cultured keratinocytes and in the hyperproliferative skin disorder psoriasis. PMID: 7908683, PMID: 1351505




  • Immunohistochemistry and Western blotting were used to detect TGase I protein with the B.C1 mouse monoclonal antibody. PMID: 7908683

  • Colonic location of transglutaminases and their reaction products, the epsilon-(gamma-glutamyl)lysine bonds, was evaluated by immunohistochemistry using specific monoclonal antibodies. PMID: 15753534

  • Using immunogold-silver techniques, we have demonstrated that, in rats, type-I (keratinocyte) transglutaminase is expressed primarily in stratified squamous epithelia of the integument, the upper digestive tract, and the lower female genital tract. PMID: 2436965

Western Blot

  • Western blot and Northern blot analysis revealed normal size and quantities of keratinocyte transglutaminase protein and mRNA. PMID: 7594637