Theca Cell Markers




Theca cell : The flattened stroma cells forming a sheath or theca outside the basal lamina lining the mature ovarian follicle. Thecal interstitial or stromal cells are steroidogenic, and produce primarily androgens which serve as precusors of estrogens in the granulosa cells.




Alkaline phosphatase (AP)


  • bovine theca interna cells in primary culture express several type-I and type-II receptors for bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs). PMID: 15625241


NR5A1 (steroidogenic factor-1, SF-1)

  • a master regulator of tissue-specific gene expression in reproductive and steroidogenic tissues. The role of the NR5A1 activating functions AF-1 and AF-2 was studied in primary bovine theca cells. PMID: 17176485