Immunocytochemistry (ICC) Methods, Techniques & Protocols




Definition: technique used to detecting the presence of proteins in cell suspension, cultured cells or cytospin by use of a specific antibody.

General Methods & Techniques

Whole Mount Methods & Technqiues

Antigen-Antibody Specific Applications

Tissue-Cell Specific Applicaitons

Neuroscience Applications

Apoptosis Specific Applications

Virological Applications

Tumor, Disease & Diagnostic Applications

Immunocytochemistry Methods, Techniques and Protocols (IHC World) - Detailed methods and protocols about immunocytochemistry techniques including introduction, cell preparation, fixation, antibody staining procedure, observation, references.

Cell Biological Applications of Fluorescence Microscopy - By Stephen Rogers
The purpose of this technical bulletin is to provide an introduction to fluorescence microscopy to newcomers to the technique, and to collect a variety of protocols for specific applications of fluorescence in one place. In this bulletin, I have tried to assemble some of the techniques and lore that I have found particularly useful.