Antibody Conjugation Methods, Techniques & Protocols



Conjugation of Monoclonal Antibodies by Mario Roederer - In this series of web pages, protocols, notes, and various illustrations are given to aid in the conjugation of proteins--principally monoclonal antibodies--to fluorescent dyes. These conjugation procedures are commonly performed in our laboratory--we have conjugated several hundred different monoclonals using almost all of the various dyes listed. The procedures are relatively straightforward and require only minimal familiarity with standard laboratory techniques (gel filtration and spectrophotometry are the most difficult!).

Quick and Simple Method for Conjugation mAbs - Note 1: as the method for coupling both FITC and Biotin are very similar we usually make both conjugates at the same time (unless antibody is in short supply or bought commercially at great expense!). Note 2: small amounts of antibody (ie. 100mcg to 1mg) can be conjugated directly in a "Slide-A-Lyzer 10K" dialysis cassette (Pierce).

Antibody Conjugation Protocol - The Following Protocol can be used to couple either FITC or Biotin to IgG. The same method is used for both, and when discrepancies occur, they will be noted.

Rapid Fluorescent-Antibody Conjugation Procedure - This note describes a technique developed for rapid preparation of specific and brilliant conjugates for direct staining of rickettsial agents in yolk-sac, tick, and vertebrate tissues.


Published Antibody Conjugation Methods, Techniques & Protocols


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