Antibody Purification Methods, Techniques & Protocols



Antibody Purification on the Protein G Column (PDF file) - Protein G rather than Protein A is the column of choice for purifying mouse IgGs from ascites, because mouse IgG1 binds much (much!) better to Protein G, and most mouse mAbs turn out to be IgG1. However, Protein G cannot be used to purify from tissue culture supernatants containing fetal calf serum, because it has a very high affinity for the bovine IgGs in the serum. (Rat IgGs don't bind well to either Protein G or Protein A, and should probably be purified on an FcRn column.)

Antibody Purification - Frequently asked questions about antibody purification.

Antibody Purification by Affinity Chromatography - This protocol contains the following steps: Preparing the gel, Coupling the ligand, Binding, Elution.

Purification Of Anti Peptide Antibody By Claire Walczak January 1996

Coupling Peptides To Resin For Affinity Purification Claire Walczak January 1996 - We use Affigel-10, converting its functional group first to amino and then to iodoacetyl. You can also buy amino resin (it's more expensive) and start at step 6. All washes are performed on a glass-fritted filter funnel sucking until a wet cake is formed. Do not dry the resin completely or you will introduce lots of air bubbles. All reactions up to peptide addition are performed in the funnel by covering the spout with parafilm. This minimizes loss. Assume the affigel is a 50% slurry.

Affinity Purification of Antibodies - Including methods about conjugation of carrier (BSA) to peptide, Affinity Column Prep, and Affinity Purification.

Affinity Purification of Antibodies By Peter Vize - Different antibodies are eluted off affinity columns under different conditions. Most will come off in the glycine elution protocol outlined here. You can test if they came off or not by applying the "eluted" antibody to a small piece of nitrocellulose that has a spot of your protein on it and developing it by normal protocols. Glycine is the best option, as not only does it work with most antibodies it also causes less damage to the column itself.

Antibody Purication (Upstate) - Antiserum or Ascites by Protein A/G Chromatography

Antibody Purification Protocol - Antibody purification is possible because the cepharose beads are conjugated with protein which has an affinity under certain conditions to immunoglobulins. Following, you'll find a basic protocol for antibody purification either by Protein A or Protein G.

Antibody Purification on Protein G Column - Protein G rather than Protein A is the column of choice for purifying mouse IgGs from ascites, because mouse IgG1 binds much (much!) better to Protein G, and most mouse mAbs turn out to be IgG1.

Chicken Immunoglobulin Purification - Protocol including solution, equipment and step by step procedure.

Preparation of Site-Specific Antibodies and Affinity Purifications - Synthesis of N-terminal peptides of histones H2A, H2B, H3 and H4

Antibody Purification - This protocol includes an ammonium sulfate cut, affigel blue chromatography and affinity chromatography.

Antibody Purification Protocol - Ammonium sulphate precipitation is used to purify a protein (in this case an immunoglobulin) from a big volume of  liquid phase.

Published Antibody Purification Methods, Techniques & Protocols


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